On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 01:46, Josh Babcock wrote:
> Gerard ROBIN wrote:
> > Le jeudi 02 juin 2005 à 20:16 -0400, Josh Babcock a écrit :
> > 
> >>Josh Babcock wrote:
> >>
> >>Not quite done yet, still need some stuff in the cockpit, landing gear

There's not much of either of those! I put some instruments on my hack,
just to make it easier to fly without physical clues like the wind in
your face. The replica in 1999/2000 had a wind ribbon - no idea if they
planned one for the original.

Landing gear consists of just a skid. The 1999/2000 replica had a steel
main skid because they wanted it to survive the landing and be able to
fly again. The original designers commented that they didn't bother with
more than a rudimentary wooden skid because all they wanted was landing
protection - the glider would never fly again (for them at least).

> >>and some animations. I'm not planning on putting in a pilot, though if
> >>enough people want one I can give it a shot.
> >>

It would look nice, but it's probably a lot of work. I spotted a wartime
photo of one of the builders somewhere. Mapping that onto the face of
the pilot would be a neat touch!

> >>http://jrbabcock.home.comcast.net/flightgear/colditz/colditz.tgz
> >>

Something to play with at lunchtime!

> > 
> > Wohhh....
> > Very impressive, congratulation, it is a must of art.
> > as an extension we could use the (coming) launchbar function, to take
> > off, not from the Nimitz, but from a tower  (somewhere... in
> > Germany....)
> > 

Aha - there's a 'launchbar' coming soon is there? I was wondering about
how to model catapult launches and glider tow-launches. What I tried to
do (but failed) with the Colditz glider was to give it a small
short-lived (and invisible) non-throttleable rocket engine to simulate
the launch catapult.

I calculated that about 1866N (that's about 420lb) for 2.3 seconds would
do. You can see my attempt (commented out) in the 20050525 glider FDM
release. Something wasn't working though - any ideas anyone?

> > 
> Keep posted, I have some neat plans for the model, especially animating
> the wind indicating ribbon (not included in the latest release).

Thanks, Josh.

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