Sergio wrote:

> - I downloaded and installed FlightGear (plib, simgear, fgfs, base) not 
> with the package installer, but with pkg-get install :

I'll go and update to Solaris10 this weekend - though I still don't
believe thhat they added a "pkg-get" command to Solaris.

> - I can consider a xorg.conf self to write, but it seems better a 
> standard Solaris xorg.conf first to find and it only to adapt to my 9200 
> Radeon...
> But where ? (no any xorg.conf yet in my system).

"xorg.conf" is specific to the XOrg distribution of X11. You don't need
_any_ sort of such configuration files on Solaris, the don't use
neither XOrg nor Mesa, they develop their own distribution of XOrg.
Forget about XOrg/XFree86, Mesa and DRI.
Back in the times when I used Solaris/x86 they had some sort of
curses-based device configuration utility in order to set device
specific parameters. On Solaris/Sparc it's even easier: You simply
install the software package that meets your graphics board and on the
next reboot it _will_ figure automagically which board is installed.

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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