Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> Jim Wilson wrote:
>>> From: Josh Babcock
>>> Did someone change the property browser so you can't watch the values
>>> change in real time? How do I get this back?
>>> Josh
>> Which property are you looking at?  It has been a very long time, so I
>> might be a little off here.  IIRC the a property node is only updated
>> if the responsible subsystem (e.g. the FDM interface) writes to it. 
>> If that subsystem does not write to the property then the property
>> only gets updated when the property picker does a read which is bound
>> to a getter in the responsible subsystem.
>> My guess is something changed in the subsystem you want data from, 
>> probably by someone trying to save cpu cycles.
>> BTW, if this is what has happened, developers should note that the
>> flightgear will in many cases (probably most cases) run FASTER if the
>> subsystem that owns a property updates it once every frame.
>> Of course there might be a bug in the latest property system
>> work...but the code I have, which is fairly recent, still shows some
>> real time updates in the property picker.
> As I understand it, here is how things have always worked.  Properties
> that are "tied" to C++ variables don't update automatically.  You can
> click on the "." at the top to "refresh" the values.  Properties that
> exist soley within the property system will update "live" in the
> property browser.
> Regards,
> Curt.
Yeah, I guess I'm just used to looking at stuff that gets constantly
updated. Anyway, I figured it out by just tyeing objects to properties
by trial and error. It's all sorted out now.


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