> 2.  Has anyone interfaced actual hardware, i.e. switches, etc. with
> flightgear?  Again, are there any references for this?
Adding to what Curtis has said.  There is no "standard" per se regards
connecting custom hardware to FlightGear. Off-the-shelf stuff like
joysticks, throttle quadrants, ruddes, etc will work with the plib library.

The 747 project uses the protocols defined in src/Network to communicate
with FlightGear.  All the hardware interfacing is done on the simulator side
with circuits and electronics specific to the controls and functions of the
747. The circuit design is generic and can be adapted to any model by
writing a new application (module) that communicates with the drivers and
translates the hardware vectors and switch states into whatever the designer
requires.  The drivers for the hardware provide an interrupt-based
connection via a parallel port for time critical tasks and USB ports for all
other static and polled switches and events.

Connections to FlightGear for receiving data and sending controls is done
with the protocols as noted above and these have also been modified to
handle unique aspects of the 747 models and subsystems.

John W.

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