* Andy Ross -- Monday 06 June 2005 16:41:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > I'd like to suggest to add the possibility to add a <nasal>
> > init block to joystick *.xml files:
> This sounds fine to me.

Ok ...

> I think it might be cleaner, though, for the Nasal subsystem to
> provide for a callback or "init script" that can be set by a caller.

I'm not sure I understand. To request a callback I have to have Nasal
working already. Do you mean that Nasal would get initialized sooner
(first?), and everyone who needs the property system set up had to
register a callback function that would be called as soon as the other
subsystems are done?

BTW: we could use other callbacks, too: on re-init, and exit.

> Playing with the subsystem initialization order every time we want to
> "nasalize" some part of startup seems like it might get messy.

True. I didn't like to have to re-order that. That's why I asked here.
I want the joystick <nasal> thing, but I don't need it *now*. So, if
you have something in the pipe, I can well wait.


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