Le mardi 07 juin 2005 à 23:55 +0100, AJ MacLeod (email lists) a écrit :
> On Tuesday 07 Jun 2005 23:16, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 1) I am using FGFS Version  0.9.4, I noticed that the Airport Data file
> > extensions changed to tgz, does the data can be used on the version 0.9.4.
> Have you any reason not to upgrade?  There's been a fair amount of 
> improvement 
> since 0.9.4 really.
> > 3) Is there others boats, or just the sail boat?
> There's a working aircraft carrier! (it's working in CVS at least, I'm not 
> certain about the last release.)  It's great, by the way, those of you who 
> worked on it - really impressive.  Yet another way to have fun with the 
> excellent Hunter and Seahawk!  The way it travels through land is a bit 
> disconcerting, mind you ;-)
> AJ
If you accept to come to 9.8 , the carrier can be fully operational with
a patch for landing and take off.
I use it, it is great.
I did only a little modification ==> carrier heading in order to keep it
of going through land.

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