* Jim Wilson -- Friday 10 June 2005 14:34:
> For points in space it doesn't make any more sense to default 
> them to zero than anything else.

You miss the point. The patch is not about initializing anything. I just
added that to make clear that this will be zero if it's uninitialized. Or
does reading a number from an unset property *not* return zero? Now it's
visible in the code, too.

> nice to be able to throw an error when something is not correct or
> reasonable in the XML.

would indeed be nice.

> It doesn't seem reasonable to specify more than zero but less than
> 3 coordinates for either the center tag or the axis end point tags,
> because these points in space. Even if a value IS zero, it is
> unecessarily ambiguous.

We know that you love verbosity from previous discussions about the
material animation.  :-}

> This is why I say this patch isn't any less broken than the current cvs.
> In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea for me to use the existing axis
> tag

This *is* less broken than what you delivered. Because now it doesn't depend
on the x-component *alone* which way the animation goes. This was horribly
inconsistent and unpredictable for those who don't read the source code.
An even better solution would be nice of course.


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