Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Josh Babcock -- Thursday 09 June 2005 05:39:

It looks like rotate animations require an <x-m> coord for <center> tags
even though you can get away without <y-m> or <z-m>. What's worse, it
not only fails silently, it grabs the <y-m> value for <x-m> and then
uses the <z-m> value for <y-m>. Here comes the code.

That's apparently by design. :-)

The attached path should make it more consistent: if there's at least one
of axis/{x,y,z}, then use the axis notation. And there's at least one of
center/{x,y,z}-m then use the defined center. (Only tested with *important*
aircraft ... and the bo105 worked well with it. ;-)

Agreed, it's committed.


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