dimanche 12 juin 2005 à 15:32 +0000, Martin Spott a écrit : 
> Gerard Robin wrote:
> > 1/patch_fgfs-nvidia-driv.diff        which apply to fgfs source
> [...]
> > A part of code which animate runway landing light  ==> vasi_lights
> > makes that problem (the code is in simgear/scene/tgdb/pt_lights.cxx ) 
> > That patch deactivate runway landing.
> Gerard, you don't _really_ mean to change the source just to adjust FG
> to a broken NVidia driver - do you ?
> If there proves to arise the need for disabling runway lightning then
> I'd suggest to make this a configurable option with the default to
> enabling runway lightning,
> Martin.

Not all runway lighting only "vasi"   look at the code.

That is a short term (i hope) remedy :-/ 

may be later on i'll find, why that bad relationship between 
the simgear part code (what is specific in it?)
GL (including the new V2) 
and NVIDIA driver (which can process V2, what is missing in it?) ==>
because only that part of simgear code is involve.
I heard: the Games and other 3D animations run without difficulties.

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