> Yes, I think I was successful in adding support for asymmetric view
> frustums.  It's a bit of a hack to get there, but the way I have set it
> up I think is slightly more intuitive than just passing l, r, t, b, n, f
> parameters to the glFrustum() function.
> .
> .
> .
> --prop:/sim/current-view/frustum-left-pct=0.00000
> --prop:/sim/current-view/frustum-right-pct=0.333333


I know I'm reviving a somewhat old thread here, but I'm trying to use
this code to implement something similar.  It's a digital
pan/tilt/zoom camera control, and since I'm panning around a piece of
an image, it's the same situation with an offset image center.

Anyway, I'm modifying these properties real-time, and it's not
changing anything.  Is this something that will only work during
startup, or am I doing something wrong?  Is there a function I can
call to force the changes to work real-time?  Are they too
computationally intensive for this (I don't imagine it would be, since
you can rotate a standard view in a similar way).


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