* Gerard Robin -- Tuesday 14 June 2005 18:16:
> > Gerard Robin wrote:
> > > When the connection to Metar is unavailable (loop of requests on the
> > > net), FG loads only after about 2 minutes.

> i have tried directly the Metar command and i got immediately an answer
> with the real Weather of the same airport)

Both use the same code to fetch the data. But fgfs discards data sets that
are older than /environment/params/metar-max-age-min (4 hours), and searches
more recent data from farther away stations. If all are old (because the
server is down and a proxy only spits out old data, or something), then you'll
maybe get lots of requests one after the other. Next time, check the age
of the weather data set that the "metar" program showed.


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