* Gerard Robin -- Friday 17 June 2005 17:07:
> Le vendredi 17 juin 2005 à 16:54 +0200, Melchior FRANZ a écrit :
> > * Gerard Robin -- Friday 17 June 2005 16:45:
> > >  Yes I can help in detail, 
> > > It will be rather a long way to explain in detail, and i fear that
> > > Melchior will accept that kind of DOC taking place here.
> > 
> > Can you elaborate?

>  I can, just need a delay: next week.

Just for the record: I've never tried to prevent anyone from posting any
contents, and I wouldn't if I were in the position, which I am not. I only
remind people once in a while to follow some very basic netiquette rules,
when threads and quote levels grow and grow and grow, when people quote
200 lines just to add a "me too" on top, when basic formal requirements
aren't met that mail user agents depend on (e.g. the standard ">" quote
character for syntax coloring of quotes, etc.). I can't force anyone,
anyway. I just fix a few messages via procmail rule, and throw some
(very few) away. People who don't like to follow rules or to read my
quarterly reminders are free to block my messages in turn. Simple,
isn't it?


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