> I am debugging the gear jittering in JSBSim and I am seeing
> windNED spike every so often and I have commented out turbulence
> code in JSBSim, so I am wondering if these wind spikes are
> coming from FlightGear.

OK, in working to fix the gear jitter I've discovered some things about the 
winds modeled
in FlightGear.

I used this command line:

fgfs [EMAIL PROTECTED] --aircraft=c172r --turbulence=0.0

This set up the winds as I wanted. However, even though "turbulence" was set to 
there was still lots of noise present in the wind velocity coming from 
FlightGear. The
wind seemed to vary +/- 5 to 10 ft/sec. Also, the variance rate of chance was 
on the order
of tens of milliseconds. I was logging data at 20Hz, and at one time step the 
velocity would be at 10 ft/sec, the next it would be at 20, and the next it 
would be back
at 10. Obviously, that's physically impossible.

Can someone shed some light on FlightGear's modeling of winds and turbulence?

BTW, I'm using current code out of FlightGear CVS.


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