Le dimanche 19 juin 2005 à 23:27 +0200, Harald JOHNSEN a écrit :
> Jon Berndt wrote:
> >I think you are making a disingenuous assumption, here, on what I am saying. 
> >It IS correct
> >and clear for*European*users, yes. All that I did to the PDF document was to 
> >add a _note_
> >in the appropriate section in brackets that says: "[U.S. keyboards use "." 
> >instead of
> >","]"
> >
> >  
> >
> Now I don't understand. Flightgear uses a key, its the same for all 
> contries whatever keyboard you use. What changes
> is the position of this letter on the keyboard, not the key because we 
> are not using the raw keyscan.
> Harald.
Yes it is ONLY a position of the letter on the keyboard (everything
try to imagine on a french Keyboard we get for 
left brake -->coma lower case  OK
right brake -->dot upper case BEUH

flap down close-bracket+alt     which is on the top right 
flap up   open-bracket+alt      which is on the top left-middle-left

and so on ..  :----(

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