Quoting Gerard Robin :
> I have found something:
> Using taxidraw on LFPO (LFPO.btg file), i can export with TaxiDraw a
> file in X-plane format, i get LFPO.dat, which should give the same
> coordinates than the ones which the official apt.dat.  -->  IT IS NOT
> that explain the "beside" position of the Aircraft.
> Two possibilities:
>   apt.dat is wrong --> we can modify it with a text editor
>   LFPO.btg is wrong  --> how may we modify it ?
> May be many others Airports have the same error.
> Thanks for the answer

Do you have the scenery that was generated with that apt.dat.
In other words, do you get the latest version of the scenery ? ( if you already
have the latest version of apt.dat that is in CVS )


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