> Throttle should be no different from any other value.  There is probalby 
> internal code clamping this to the range of 0.0 - 1.0 so if your numbers are 
> coming through garbage and random, you might see this effect.  If it was me, 
> I'd insert some debugging code in src/Networks/native_ctrls.cxx where the 
> incoming throttle data is processed to see exactly what is coming in.  
> Perhaps something isn't getting byte swapped correctly or you are off by a 
> byte or two in alignment?

The data isn't random or garbage.... it is between the range of 0 and
1 before I send it to flightgear.  The data that comes to flightgear
is in 64bit IEE floating point format and I have been able to verify
that with a port sniffer.

I'll try and have a ago at your suggestions and see what comes up.


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