There was a similar problem report not far ago. It seems cygwin switched
recently from gcc 3.3 to, and that is the problem.
Vivian, what is your own version of gcc ?


Vivian Meazza wrote :

> tom bonnell
> Not really, except to say that I've compiled the cvs version under
> Cygwin successfully in the last couple of days.
> Do you have a reasonably up-to-date version of Cygwin?
> I take it that plib compiled correctly?
> You might like to try the cvs version.
> Vivian
> In the make process of simgear 3.8 undercygwin I get these errors. can
> you help?

gcc 3.4.4-1 updated last Thursday. I've just downloaded simgear cvs/head,
and compiled. No problems here.

I had a problem: I thought possible file corruption, which is why I updated.
It would certainly be worth trying going back to 3.3 and then re-downloading
3.4.4-1, which is what I did. I'm neither sure if that was the problem, nor
if that solved it, but it all works here now.

I downloaded cygwin from internet a day ago.... I used older version of cygwin and compiled the same simgear.tar withot having any problems. I make and install zlib(in simgear) plib1.8 and I think as you said the problem is caused from cygwin. What can i do TO MAKE it work??


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