Selon Melchior FRANZ:

> > it was copied in the _removedChild vector before
> > returning, hence incrementing the counter. If you don't care having
> > aliases pointing to garbage ( something David was against ), you would
> > just have to dump the _removedChild vector and, if the
> > SGPropertyNode_ptr returned is not used, the tree should be destroyed.
> > Two functions shouldn't be necessary.
> It would have to do this recursively. Because neither SGPropertyNode_ptr
> nor SGPropertryNode do AFAIK destroy their children on destruction. (And I
> don't know if this would be desirable.)

For a reason : it is the job of SGPropertyNode_ptr destructor :

 if (_ptr && _ptr->decrementRef() == 0)
   delete _ptr;

If the vector of children SGPropertyNode_ptr is properly cleared in the SGPropertyNode destructor, the whole tree should go away recursively.


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