I just want to gently push this back to top, since I figured out more
strange behaviours which I really dont know the cause of...

First, as I didnt notice before, the plane is hovering a few feet above the
runway at start as soon as I specify an initial velocity. If I specify the
initial velocity as zero, it stands on the ground, just as normal. By using
the --notrim option in the command line, it shows up a few inches below the
runway (similar as it is when specifiying --fdm=NULL). Whats the reason for
this? Could it be somewhee in the trimming code?

Second, I m still not seeing clearly in the way the reset is processed...
Could anyone give me a hint as to where the FDM is initialized during the
reset process? Is the Initialize()-function in the FGState.cpp file still
involved at all? And if it is not, where does FG take its starting values
from and where could I tell it to load my initial conditions at reset, too?
(while running FG with --notrim option)

Any thoughts or help are much appreciated indeed.


> Hello,
> I want to start FlightGear with a bunch of Initial Conditions Settings
> I noticed that they dont seem to be loaded when restarting the simulator
> with "File->Reset".
> It rather looks like FG is taking the values for pitch, alpha, and so on
> off of the last session, i.e. if I crashed the plane almost in a 90 deg
> angle to the earth and then press reset, it starts with the plane heading
> towards ground in almost a 90deg angle. By pressing "pause" at startup
> comparing the values in the property tree I indeed figured out that the
> values are exactly the same.
> I am using FG 0.9.10 release version and noticed this behaviour with the
> c172 and f16. I am loading the IC in from an external input file. I
> therefore modified the code in FGState.cpp, in the Initialize() function
> with a rather simple routine to read in the values and used the
> FGIC->SetBlahBlah() method of the FGInitialConditions class in order to
> save them.
> All works fine as long as I am NOT specifying --notrim in the command
> line. As soon as I specify this option, the above described behaviour
> occurs.
> Anyone might be able to shed some light in this matter? Where can I find
> the functions that are responsible for the reset process in the code?
> it be that FG restarts different than its actual starting process is?
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Best,
> Thomas

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