> First, as I didnt notice before, the plane is hovering a few feet
> above the
> runway at start as soon as I specify an initial velocity. If I specify the
> initial velocity as zero, it stands on the ground, just as
> normal. By using
> the --notrim option in the command line, it shows up a few inches
> below the
> runway (similar as it is when specifiying --fdm=NULL). Whats the
> reason for
> this? Could it be somewhee in the trimming code?

If you are not trimming, then the aircraft may be placed initially at an
inappropriate altitude, considering where it's CG is defined, and where the
landing gear are defined to be touching. I'm assuming this is for some
JSBSim aircraft. The altitude that the aircraft is initially placed at
should be the vertical distance from the CG to the landing gear location.

> Second, I m still not seeing clearly in the way the reset is processed...
> Could anyone give me a hint as to where the FDM is initialized during the
> reset process? Is the Initialize()-function in the FGState.cpp file still
> involved at all? And if it is not, where does FG take its starting values
> from and where could I tell it to load my initial conditions at
> reset, too?
> (while running FG with --notrim option)

Have you looked inside JSBSim.cxx? That's the interface between FlightGear
and JSBSim.


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