Hi Vikas,

"Vikas N Kumar" wrote:

> I tried for a while to build OpenSceneGraph on Solaris 7 with my
> version of X11 and using GNU compilers but there was something wrong
> with X11 and using Sun's OpenGL. So I reinstalled Solaris 10 and have
> now installed the Sun Studio 11 Compilers as well.
> I will restart compiling everything again -- plib, OpenThreads,
> Producer and OpenSceneGraph, Simgear and finally FlightGear.

You might rest at least one day or so, I'm still waiting for Don Burns
to put yet another patch against his Producer 'makedefs' files into
CVS, that allows building on SunOS with SunStudio. He already added
several changes that I sent him so I think it'll be just a matter of

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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