Hi all,

as I told you some days ago, I'm about to start a project with the IVAO
guys to develop a client software for FlightGear. However, as I'm new at
the Linux programming environment, I'm trying to decide how should the
GUI of the application be done. The application should be rather simple:
just a rectangular bitmap with buttons, and a text entry box. I'm
attaching a sample of the existing Ivap for MSFS look. The thing should
be doing some kinda clone for FG and make it look similar to the

Apart from this main interface, there will be some regular forms with
text fields and buttons, for entering the flight plan and configuring
the application, etc.

The application should be easy to show/hide from FG (via hotkeys or
whatever), as if it was a "popup gauge" (no need to attach it into the
actual cockpit). The gauge should always sit on top of FG, and hide
automatically for instance when FG minimizes, closes, etc.

The problem is that I want to start developing the GUI, but honestly I'm
a bit lost and overwhelmed. I don't know which toolkit I should use.
I've been looking at FLTK and GTK+, but I'm not sure they are the right
tools to use. While they would be nice for the standard forms
(flightplan and so on), I'm not sure I can use them for the main
"window" (the picture I'm attaching).

As I'm in a learning process, I prefer to start learning the right tool,
so this is my question: what's your advice? How should I start with the
interface? FLTK? GTK+? SDL? OSG? etc.?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge :-(


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