On Thursday 10 May 2007 00:23:01 gh.robin wrote:
> On Mon 7 May 2007 17:05, Nick Warne wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > There seems to be an issue, reported by a few in IRC.
> >
> > Latest build from SVN/CVS makes FG unusable.  Frame rates are (for me) at
> > least 60% worse.
> >
> > E.g. pc7 at FHAW - before 43 - today after updates, 18.
> >
> > Lightning at KSFO - before 19 - today after updates 6 (unusable).
> >
> > Nick
> That issue  remark look like an other previous topic "Frame rates".
> As far i could understand in IRC , that problem could be solved when using
> an older OSG cvs version.
> I have tried to find which OSG cvs version could suit to our request.
> I did not find any.
> Is it possible to have an official OSG package working with  the recent
> SG/FG cvs, in order to have an acceptable frame rate  ?

I solved the issue (so I can at least use FG/OSG again) by using the last OSG 
CVS version (not SVN):

OpenSceneGraph Library 1.2

But I had to remove the call:


in redout.cxx and splash.cxx to get it to build.

I am surprised nobody using CVS/SVN FG/SG/OSG reports this issue (or replied 
to this) - there was a lot of chatter about it in IRC.


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