On 5/22/07, Antonio Almeida wrote:

 Hi Curt,

Yes, I had already seen your videos, pretty impressive! -- and a fantastic
demonstrator for FlightGear :)

My issue, however, is not quite that: I wanted to capture the FG imagery
and stream it over the web... (or some similar solution)

I've never done web streaming, but I assume there must be various software
packages available to do that.  For capturing FlightGear video, I've had my
best results using a scan converter to convert the vga signal to NTSC (or
PAL) then feeding that into a video capture device attached to a second
computer.  Tools like xvidcap and fraps compete with FlightGear on the same
machine for cpu cycles and can bring down your frame rates.  But as far as
specific ideas for web streaming video, hopefully someone else has ideas for


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