On Tue, 2007-05-22 at 18:13 +0100, Antonio Almeida wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to use FlightGear to generate the scene observed by a
> UAV's onboard camera. 
> Basically, this would translate to feeding FlightGear the FDM data
> and visualizing the image generated by FlightGear in another computer,
> across a network, using for example streaming video.
> I suppose this is a bit of a far-fetched idea, but is there any sort
> of support for this (or something similar) already implemented? 
> If not, do you have any suggestions on how to achieve it, using
> external tools and/or contributing to FlightGear?
> At the moment I'm just brainstorming!
> Thanks,
> António Almeida

Have you looked at the --jpg-httpd option yet?  
>From fgfs --help --verbose:
--jpg-httpd=port        Enable screen shot http server on the specified

This works to send jpeg images over the net that can be refreshed fairly
rapidly...  Not exactly streaming video, but close.  I'm not sure if/how
you could scale it down short of scaling the window on the server


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