On Tuesday 06 November 2007 07:56:22 Durk Talsma wrote:
> On Monday 05 November 2007 16:50, Csaba Halász wrote:
> > Yeah! How about setting up an mp-server feeding in real traffic? Or
> > even just AI? So that every client would see the same traffic.
> Note: This is moving into a slightly different topic, but still interesting
> enough to mention, I hope.
> I've been thinking about this idea for some time now; separate out
> the "intelligent part of the AI code" into a separate program, and run this
> as a dedicated standalone program that feeds aircraft positions into
> flightgear. This would solve many initialization problems, because the
> server could run completely independently of FlightGear itself.
> If somebody would care to assist in working out the details of the
> networking code, I'd be happy to investigate the possibilities of setting
> up a dedicated AI traffic server.

I really think, setting up a mp-client which feeds traffic is the right way to 
go. That way it does not matter, if the traffic is real or artificial. And 
best of all, flightgear itself does not need any changes at all.
In fact, that was the reason why I tried to introduce a new pseudo-FDM into 
flightgear (well, especially I wanted to turn the AI-Nimitz into a real 
While the feeded vehicle is in the air, there are no problems at all. But when 
approaching ground, or the vehicle is bound to the ground, there is one 
obstacle: The used terrain. In order to have the vehicle exactly on ground, 
the client must have the same terrain data which flightgear has. Therefor I 
thought of flightgear itself as the "feeder".
If you somehow manage to get the terrain ripped of in some kind of library, it 
would be possible to build just any kind of feeder via the mp-protocoll.

Just my 2cents,

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