I've been discussing with Japanese FlightGear users about METAR update failure 
on 1.0.0.
It seems that METAR update fails when BIOS time is set to local time (JST, GMT+ 
9) on Windows (and probably on Linux).

According to windows users, launching fgfs with --log-level=warn outputs  
"METAR data too old (xxx min)"

xxx depends on a station but it's likely more than 540, (+9 hours), so I wonder 
if GMT calculation depends on
BIOS time configuration (local time or GMT). I know some stations update METER 
less frequently, 
but it also happens on RJTT which updates every 30 min.

With my rough guess, replacing time(0) with sgTimeGetGMT( gmtime(&cur_time) ) 
in Environment/fgmetar.cxx
can fix this problem, but not sure since this problem doesn't happen on Macs.

here's the code related to METAR age calcuation in Environment/fgmetar.cxx

long FGMetar::getAge_min() const
 time_t now = _x_proxy ? _rq_time : time(0);
 return (now - _time) / 60;



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