at least from my point it sounds good and resonable. These are features really 
missing and will not only keep FlightGear up to date aganinst the commercial 
sims- it will make it better. 

> This proposal is a little vague; the specifics need to be
> worked out
> when the CameraGroup is implemented and FGViewer is changed
> to use it.

But I wonder how long you need for all this, and what happens to all the other 
things you announced? Shadows, shader library...
I know you are the only one in the moment beside Till Busch and Stuart ??? who 
are working on the OSG-part of FlightGear.
Don't understand me wrong: these changes you want to do are important, so we 
can be very lucky having someone like you working on that. 
> Future Possibilities.
> The cameras in a camera group don't need to render
> directly to the
> screen. They can render to a texture which can be used
> either in the
> scene, like in a video screen in the instrument panel, or
> for distortion
> correction in a projected or dome environment.
> Open Scene Graph supports a CompositeViewer object that
> supports
> rendering from several widely separated viewpoints,
> complete with
> support for multiple terrain pager threads. We could move
> to
> CompositeViewer and support simultaneous views from e.g.,
> the tower, AI
> models, drones, etc.

Yes, that are rhings very important. So from my point of view as mostly user 
and 3d-modeller there is nothing against as long the perfomance doesen't 
decrease too much. 


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