Some time ago I was in need to display altitude in meters on HUD. I have 
copied desired HUD to airplane folder and check it working. Then I change 
disp_scaling to 0.3048 and got "strange" altitude scale. As I understand we 
got foot scale with meter markers. After studying sources I desided that 
instr_item::get_value() have to return scaled value. With this I got normal 
altitude scales but broken roll scale. New study made it clear that problem 
is in the file hud_dnst.cxx.
In call to instr_item() parameter data_scaling is missed:
    instr_item(x, y, width, height,
                chn1_source, options, working),
Problem was fixed by changing it to :
    instr_item(x, y, width, height,
                chn1_source, 1, options, working),

Can somebody fix this in CVS.

    At July I was asked for some of mine changes for FG. May be it will be 
usefull for somebody else. Descriptions and links for downloading are at 
http://buz6919.newmail.ru/FlightGear.html. They will stay here till 
September or October.
If You got problems with downloading (there may be pages on Russian), feel 
free to ask archives via e-mail.

With respect,

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