On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 3:12 AM, James Turner wrote:

> On 25 Aug 2008, at 03:25, Curtis Olson wrote:
> > Hi James,
> >
> > I think this was all done intentionally because it's quite common to
> > want to start a flight simulator on a 5 or 7 or 10 mile approach so
> > you can practice ILS landing.
> >
> > The start-offset-m value I believe was added later to account for
> > the difference in aircraft size.  A starting position that works
> > well to place the C172 at the end of the runway, might put the back
> > half of the 747 off the end of the runway.
> Understood on both counts, but that means I think there is a bug in
> the glideslope code:

Can you further explain what the bug involves?  In my experience, placing
the aircraft on the glide slope several miles out and flying the glide slope
all works fine, or am I missing something here?

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