I'm writing some automated testing code for pieces of FG, so that I  
can experiment with changes to various internal bits of code with more  
confidence that I haven't broken anything. These aren't quite unit- 
tests (they test multiple areas of the code at once) and they're  
pretty crude, but any testing is better than none (and quicker than  
manual testing).

Initially I've focused on the various things done by fgInitPosition,  
since this indirectly uses the Navaids and airports data, and  
potentially the environment code.

Doing this, I came across something which seems counter-intuitive to me:

There's a /sim/presets/offset-distance-nm property, which allows  
(logically enough) to offset the start position relative to, for  
example, a runway. What I've found is that for a runway, where the / 
sim/presets/heading-deg is initialised from the runway heading, the  
default azimuth to offset by is the *reciprocal* runway heading. This  
means to start 10nm 'out' from the threshold, one can use a positive  
value of 10 - I expected this to require a negative value.

Line 771 of fg_init.cxx (double azimuth = heading + 180.0;) is the  
relevant piece of logic.

I wonder if this is intentional, since it's the more common case that  
starting 'ahead' of the threshold, but equally it might be a bug - the  
azimuth is inverted to move from the runway centre 'back' to the  

Note there's also /sim/airport/runways/start-offset-m, which *is*  
'forwards' from the threshold.

Anyway, what makes me wonder if there's a bug here is the glideslope  
logic. In the case where a glideslope angle is specified, and also a  
preset altitude, we encounter the code at line 976 of fg_init.cxx.  
Now, the crucial observation is that this code does multiply the final  
distance by -1. As a result, the calculated offset-distance-nm would  
place the start position well down the runway - possibly some way  
beyond it, in fact.

Anyway, that's my analysis, I'd love someone to check my logic and see  
if they concur or disagree.


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