In the last time I've submitted several fixes to plib, all of
which are now committed. It is now recommended to use plib/svn
(HEAD). Here's a list of the most important changes:

- fix calculation of the slider handle size in <textbox>
  widgets (as used in the nasal-console, the joystick info,
  chat history, weather scenario)

- autohide not used sliders (especially useful for the nasal

- scroll a <textbox> automatically if lines where added and
  the slider handle is in the bottom position (especially
  useful for the chat history)

- make sliders in <list>, <textbox> conform with the behavior
  of "modern" GUIs, that is: you can grab the handle anywhere
  and drag; if you click on the slider background, then it
  jumps one page. The old behavior was to immediately jump
  to the clicked upon position, and had the disadvantage
  the the slider didn't move *at all* before one reached
  the handle's reference point in the center.

It's also recommended to set the plib version number to
1.8.6 in ./src/util/ul.h:157 (PLIB_TINY_VERSION from 5 to 6),
so that dialog.cxx can use a few of the new features. Some of
the dialog XML files were already adapted for PLIB 1.8.6, and
will work better with it. They will, however, work with 1.8.5
as well. (Just worse. ;-)

These contributions don't meant that the idea to suck up
the remaining parts of PLIB into our repository has died.

Occasionally, someone asks if/when we will migrate our GUI
from PLIB to osgWidget. This is still planned, but at the
moment it isn't an option. osgWidget offers only *very*
simple GUI elements, basically just clickable colored
rectangles and an input box. There's nothing like a listbox,
multiline-textedit field. Everything is plain, without
any 3D look. Also, osgWidget is still under heavy development,
or was, as the lead developer just took some time off.


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