On Tuesday 12 May 2009 02:54:59 Victhor wrote:
> Traffic manager:
> Warning: Successfully found a parking for a CRJ-100LR of flight type
> gate of airline     CLH at airport     EHAM
> Segmentation fault

The trouble is that we really don't have much to respond to yet.. It doesn't 
look like many people are getting the error you're experiencing, so either the 
circumstances under which they occur are rather specific to your setup, or the 
crashing was inadvertedly introduced by yourself. To start with the latter, 
have you already tried doing a make clean, followed by a make, make install of 
all the major components of FlightGear? (OSG/SimGear/FlightGear most notably) 
In my experience, that may occasionally help.

Secondly, the traffic manager message isn't really indicative of any error. 
Despite it's warning prefix, it's just indented to be an informative message. 
To really help track down any informative indication, you should try to 
provide at least the following:

- Date / time of startup inside the virtual world; use the --start-date-gmt 
option for that
- Which aircraft you use
- Time elapsed from program start to crash
- (aproximate location at the time of crash, the more precise the better)
- a stack trace. (run flightgear inside the GNU debugger and post the output 
of the bt command after the crash)

Given that the amount of errors you're facing appear to be unique to your 
machine, I would recommend doing a clean rebuild first, and if you still have 
problems, try to report as much information as possible. In particular, 
providing a a list of startup parameters, possibly followed by a sequence of 
Flight Manouvers that would allow me to replicate the crash would be a start.

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