>> All valid points but irrelevant for the GPL. It is already possible to
>> connect proprietary software to FlightGear using the generic binary
>> (socket) protocol handler, but that doesn't violate the GPL. Plug-in
>> interfaces tend to do because they are considered 'part of the program'
>> by the GPL.
>Even in the case of a seperately compiled shared library or DLL?  I have 
>my doubts.

GPL does not make shared libraries illegal. Creating GPL'ed libraries, 
connected to GPL'ed applications does not violate GPL. The GPL is violated if 
someone refuses to publish source codes of this library.

I'm not proposing to use plug-ins with other license than GPL. Since FlightGear 
is GPL'ed, all plug-ins must be GPL'ed as well. This is out of question. I just 
propose to enable GPL'ed libraries to get connected to FlightGear without 
building the whole FlightGear binary.


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