This looks like a side effect of the newer way of
interpreting/defining/using properties in the latest JSBSim. I have not seen
Dave's TC2 model. Where can I find that? I might be able to help.




Jon S. Berndt
Development Coordinator
JSBSim Project 



From: Rob Shearman, Jr. [] 
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 11:38 PM
To: FlightGear developers discussions
Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Incompatibility with win32 CVS build 6/23 and
Dave Culp's planes...


Hello all...

Somehow, when updating my FG installation on Vista using Fred's 6/23 build,
I can no longer start Dave Culp's T2C.  I also tried a couple of his other
planes and got similar results.  However, loading up several other aircraft
models (both YASim and JSBSim) was successful.  Below you'll find my command
line (generated by FGRun) followed by the console error message.

-R. (MD-Terp)


Robert M. Shearman, Jr.
Transit Operations Supervisor,
University of Maryland Department of Transportation
also known as

C:\Program Files\FlightGear\bin\Win32\fgfs.exe
  --fg-root=C:\Program Files\FlightGear\data
  --fg-scenery=C:/Program Files/FlightGear/Scenery-1.0.1
      Property systems/hook/tailhook-cmd-norm is already defined.
      Property systems/NWS/engaged is already defined.
WARNING: JS: Failed to read joystick name from registry
FGPropertyManager::GetNode() No node found for systems/canopy/command
  In component: Canopy Control unknown property systems/canopy/command
d. Aborting


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