This  is a heads up that I'm working on improving the sound system quite 
a bit with a few new concepts in mind.

Right now the FX class is the heart of the audio system while the 
SoundManager is loosely tied between the samples and the FX class. In 
the future the Sound Manager will be the heart of the system and a 
SGSampleGroup class is introduced that holds all sounds for a particular 
model. The FX class will be derived from it and Samples will need to be 
register to one of the SampleGroup classes.

Instead of using the SoundManager in the future subsystems will have to 
deal with the new (and privately held but registered) SampleGroup class 
instead. (It still can create new Samples at will)

Another advantage of this approach is that all updates to the OpenAL 
state will be inside the update() function of the SoundManager which 
should make subtle differences due to interdependencies (almost) impossible.

The update will be quite large but the result would be that AI models 
also would be able to generate sound effects (if all goes well). I do 
not yet have a time frame when it will be committed but I wanted it to 
be known in advance.


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