Tapping out of my thoughts

I'm new to flight gear, and am rejoicing in the pleasure. However I do 
have some serious reservations about the project towards global world 
domination that need to be addressed.

For a start without my coders/web/brief hat on, what must be reorganized 
is that FlightGear is a "platform".
1) X multi platform- windows and a *nix with a mac ?beos? as exe's 
(issues is daily deb and daily exe)
2) Aircraft - ie an enviroment one can fly and lots of them 
international (these need to be updated asap)
3) its got Runways - taken from another project (legal problem)
4) roads and water lights and  built in not yet is a tide (osg problem)
5) U can see yourself on the map with others with MP (bandwidth Mp 
problem - mpserver05 is overloaded)
6) Terra Gear failed beacause of bandwidth
7) Laptop does not connect to internat.. simulation fail.. it was good 
earlier.. what happened...

So in above we are comparible with the likes of x-pane and micro-box, 
vatsim and ivao and ivoa.org!

++Changes hat to marketing hat==
With my marketing helmet on and trying and giving away Cd's and 
recycling hardware to the community...

The FS system is there, and tools and stuff is there, but its all 
dispirate and squeky  in some area as a platform. MOST NOTABLE in 

So I think really is has to look like a platform, ie  a logo and brand 
we can all go along with. it also needs the clean line of communication.

ie whether a pilot, a child, an oder child.
or a developer
or scenery designer
or a school teacher,
or bus driver at the airport..
or a bug in various developer areas such as sound, animation and that 
complicated stuff...

There will be a HUGE issue when FlightGear takes off.. big time, then 
crashes.. Lets say we get reviwed by the BBC and one out of 10 million 
try to download scenario ? have we prepared for that.? Whats the server 
scenario. ??

A "pilot" user will then argue about why its NOT cool, cos it crashed. 
And that is the area of concern for me at the moment.

So I forsee that problem pretty soon unless we can either
* have  as LAN system for download and local server interop
* A live server on a farm
* a proxy forwarding system..
*  VOIP is in?
* Can asterix help us ?

<< end of thoughts?


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