On 8 Oct 2009, at 23:05, Scott Hamilton wrote:

>     I've also noticed that if I put a Altitude constraint (ie: @alt)  
> the route manager always shows 0ft.
>     It seems to always get the altitude from the NAV database, not  
> what I enter.

Altitude constraints are a mess - in the short term, they are best  
avoided. Keep in mind the GPS code doesn't really do proper vertical  
navigation - it computes some data like the altitude change and climb/ 
descent rate for a leg, but I'm not sure if any real aircraft is  
driving the VNAV mode of an autopilot from it.

It's definitely something I will look at, but it's tied up with some  
other features. At some point I want to support GPS precision  
approaches and then obviously all the VNAV logic will need to be  
properly cleaned up - right now it's been copied mostly unchanged from  
the original gps code.

As always, user stories are good - what do you expect the behaviour to  
be from the route-manager? Just to track valid altitudes? For the  
autopilot VNAV to follow the altitude profile exactly? Something in  

This is also tied up with accurate enroute time calculations and  
calculating top-of-climb / top-of-descent information, it's quite a  
mess to unpick.

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