On 11/09/2009 02:37 PM, Anders Gidenstam wrote in part:

> and...@sleipner:~$ cat ~/.alsoftrc
> format = AL_FORMAT_STEREO16
> cf_level = 2
> drivers = alsa
> [alsa]  # ALSA backend stuff
> device = plug:dmix
> capture = plug:dsnoop

That helps!  Thanks.

> 2. I don't remeber if I had to touch the festival config or not, but here 
> it is:
> and...@sleipner:/etc$ cat /etc/festival.scm
> (Parameter.set 'Audio_Command "aplay -D plug:dmix -q -c 1 -t raw -f s16 -r 
> $SR $FILE")
> (Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)
> (Parameter.set 'Audio_Required_Format 'snd)

That helps, too!  It is not optional.  Thanks.

> 3. I set /sim/sound/voices/enabled to true in my ~/.fgfs/preferences.xml 
> file (included via .fgfsrc).

That part agrees with the documentation.

> Well, that you have not configured your sound system correctly isn't 
> really FlightGear's fault, is it?

I don't care who's fault it is.  That's because I 
always look at things from the user's point of view.  
If the documentation says it just works, but in many
cases it doesn't work, and there's no useful error 
message or even the slightest clue about how to make 
it work, that's a problem for the user, n'est-ce pas?

> Of course, the documentation could match your system better than it does, 
> but Linux sound is pretty diverse and changes over time. The wiki might 
> contain something about systems closer to yours.

Yes, that would be a good first step.  We're talking 
about problems that show up on plain vanilla Debian 
systems, which are not exactly uncommon or weird.  
And probably show up on lots of other systems, too.

There opportunities for improvement in the code as
well.  It would be good programming practice for FGFS 
to use festival in such a way as to detect runtime 
errors -- including but not limited to failure to
open the audio device -- and then to give explanatory 
messages to the user.

The importance of these improvements is underlined by 
the fact that the user who uses the existing code
and documentation can have working FGFS sound (except 
for festive voices) and also working festival (except 
for FGFS).  In such a situation it is hard for the 
user to know what else needs to be done to get them
to work together.


FWIW here is a simpler and more correct version of
/etc/festival.scm ...  Note that .snd format is not
the same as .raw format, but "riff" format is the
same as .wav format.

(Parameter.set 'Audio_Command 
 "aplay --device=plug:dmix --quiet --file-type=wav $FILE"
(Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)
(Parameter.set 'Audio_Required_Format 'riff)

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