On 12/13/2009 11:29 PM, Durk Talsma wrote:

> FWIW, as per previous agreement, I've started investigating how much effort 
> it 
> is going to cost to remove the ai-code altogether. There are a few places 
> where the existing code depends on ATCDCL functions. Isolating these 
> shouldn't 
> be too hard. 

ATIS, as currently implemented, is in the ATCDCL directory.

Having some sort of ATIS is important.  I don't mind 
if the existing code goes away, so long as the feature 
doesn't go away.


As previously discussed, this is part of a bigger issue,
namely Airport, Facility, and Environment Services (AFES).
For example:
 -- If two different radios are tuned to the same frequency,
  we want them to hear exactly the same ATIS, exactly the 
  same IDENT codes, exactly the same ATC chatter, et cetera.
  Synchronizing this is not too tricky for multiple radios 
  in a given aircraft, but gets tricker for multiple aircraft 
  in the MP environment.
 -- There are other Airport/Facility features, functions,
  and services that require consistency, such as the
  choice of active runway, the decision to turn on 
  runway lighting (including pilot-controlled lighting),
  the decision to reverse a reversible ILS, et cetera.  
  These decisions affect the ATIS, AI traffic, AI ATC
  chatter, et cetera.
 -- Of course we want AI traffic itself to be consistent
  across the MP environment.
 -- The same goes for clouds and weather.  If there is
  a wisp of scud over the middle of the airport, all
  aircraft in the MP environment should see the same
  wisp of scud.

The common thread here is that there is a lot of stuff
that happens outside the aircraft.  FGFS began life as
an aircraft simulator.  Some ideas (such as generating
IDENT codes from inside navradio.cxx) that made sense
in a single, simple aircraft don't make sense in a
complex aircraft, let alone a multiplayer environment.

I don't expect all this to get sorted all at once ... 
but it would be nice to have some sort of strategy
so that every time this-or-that piece gets upgraded 
it moves us closer to the goal.

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