On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 3:41 AM, Kavya Meyyappan

> Dear FG members,
> I have just been trying out the multiple screen feature in FG. I found that
> the GUI camera (including the menu bar, hud and 2D panel) appears in only
> one of the windows. Is there any way I can make the GUI to appear in all the
> windows? Actually I want to be able to view the hud and 2D panel in all the
> windows.
>  No, there's a limitation in Plib that forces the GUI to be drawn on one

> Also when I change the view in any one of the windows, the view changes in
> the other windows as well. Is it possible to make the windows independent of
> each other. I want to display the cockpit in one window at all times, in the
> second window I want to be able to shuttle between helicopter / chase or
> model views.
> Also I have observed that in the second screen where I'm displaying lets
> say the Helicopter view the aircraft remains static while the environment
> moves. This is because the cockpit view in my Master screen is defined as
> 'lookfrom'. Can I define 'lookfrom' for one screen and 'lookat' for the
> other screen.
>  Neither of these are supported at the present time, but it would be a good
project. We would have to start using a different OSG class,
CompositeViewer, to support multiple views from independent view points. Our
terrain pager would need a complete overhaul to use the PagedLOD scheme of
OSG, and the Flightgear view manager would need to be aware multiple active

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