> I just made up a cool sounding name off the top of my head. :-)  If I
> can't git cvs.flightgear.org <http://cvs.flightgear.org> up and running
> easily in the next day or so, it might be time to git serious about
> moving to git hosted on a bigger better faster server.

i would love to see the project finally use only a single type of 
revision controll for the same source!
personally i'd say that alone is a big step forward, esp. regarding 
project management.
even if the cvs server did come back up again, i'd still want to 
emphasise that the git repository would be a better solution for the 

regardles of the version controll system in place though, it'd be better 
you used one repository, rather than this current situation on mix and 
match and merging back.

that's just to count as an encouragement ;-)

Nathanael Rebsch

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