Dear John and everybody,

Thank you for answer. No I think the JSBSim is not enought for my project. I 
need simulate all aircraft systems, for example full engines, hydraulice, 
deicing and navigation (ADF,VOR,ILS ...). I thing JSBSim is only one part of 
this, but all of this I can simulate in FlightGear. Now I have the other Image 
Generator, and I need run FG without graphics interface(no loading aircraft 
model, no loading terrain ....) and nothing rendering. From Image Generator i 
will send informations about distanc between wheels and terrain via socket and 
from FG i will send FDM socket for sync position, and rotations camera. This is 
my idea.

I don't know, how setup FG for this idea or how improve source code.

Thx for all reply


>This would be running JSBSim without FlightGear, really. Is that what you mean?



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> Hi Jonh,

> Some days ago you answer me about posibility run Fligh Gear without

> loading and rendering any graphics. Can you please send my some

> informations about it?


> Thanks

> Petr

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