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> Hi Durk,
> Just a thought...
> Is it possible to design/redesign the AI stuff so that it propogates
> across multiple computers or cores via some IPC process -- most likely
> sockets.  Shared memory would be ideal, but not sure how MS or Mac would
> handle that.

As far as I can tell, the infrastructure is almost in place to do so. 
Considering that the multiplayer system is based on the AIModels system, it 
should be possible (with a few code modifications). 

So, the way you could set this up would be to run a multiplayer server locally, 
and configure all your FlightGear computers with multiplayer enabled and the 
traffic manager disabled. Make sure that all these machines are setup to 
communicate with the local multiplayer server. 

Next (and this step still requires a code modification of the AIModels  C++ 
code), enable AIModels and the traffic manager to run on one master machine 
(most likely the same computer that also runs the FDM, and handles user input. 

The only thing that not in place yet is that the regular AIAircraft are exposed 
to the multiplayer system. I haven't gotten around to do this yet, but my guess 
is that this should be fairly easy to achieve, since (as mentioned above) both 
the Multiplayer system is based on the AIModels infrastructure. 

I would be very happy to dive into this at a later stage (after getting the 
basics for the AI/ATC system going). If you would like to play with this, I'd 
be happy to assist though.


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