I'm working on modifying the interface between JSBSim and FlightGear to work
with the new JSBSim standard atmosphere model. There are two or three ways
that the atmosphere model can be modified by the calling application:

A temperature bias can be added to the entire temperature profile (from sea
level to high altitude) by using the SetTemperature() method:

SetTemperatureSL(double t, eTemperature unit=eFahrenheit)


SetTemperature(double t, double h, eTemperature unit=eFahrenheit)

Units supported are eFahrenheit, eCelsius, eRankine, eKelvin. Using one of
these will cause a bias to be calculated and used to modify the temperature
profile. Setting the temperature will cause the pressure calculations to be

A pressure can also be set using this methods:

SetPressureSL(double pressure, ePressure unit=ePSF)

Currently, only the sea level pressure can be modified. The available units
are: ePSF, eMillibars, ePascals, eInchesHg.

I may provide a way to set the pressure at an elevation. 

Neither pressure altitude nor density altitude are currently being
calculated in the new standard atmosphere model - those will be added at
some point.

I should also add that with the new standard atmosphere model there is
another way to modify the standard atmosphere temperature profile, but that
would be done using properties and not through a standardized atmosphere API

For more information, see the JSBSim API documentation at
www.jsbsim.org/JSBSim/. The documentation has not been updated with the very
latest, but it is still very current.

Finally, note that the new standard atmosphere model has not quite yet been
integrated with FlightGear, but that should be possible in just a few days.


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