actually your question hits me about 1 month too early!
I am in the midst of a final checkout of my proposal for a newly styled
"getstart". But you asked now - so I guess I ask everyone if my proposal
could be seen as what you are asking for. Pls have a look at

Again: I planned to introduce this end of the month - but if people
believe it could be useful I welcome all help I can get to finalize it!

To the History:
I am not sure anybody still remembers that I announced about 1.5 years
ago to translate the existing "getstart.pdf" into German. In the
meantime I did that - 3 times:

1. Attempt
While translating I noticed very often that I was not sure if that, what
I was reading was fitting all environments or just MAC or ..  or. Also
the MakeUp was not really fitting any more the current modern
FlightGear. So my major change was to define one central chapter
("Installation") in which all OS-Dependencies are covered by defining
the Variables $FG_... for all OS's - and referred to those throughout
the book.
 Also I tried to remove several long listings of Options, Possibilities
etc. out of the text into the Appendix or special chapters!

2. Attempt
After having tested that I still was not satisfied with how to use it as
a Reference. i.e. it was nice to read from the beginning to the end -
but if you had a unique question after that, I found it very difficult
to find an answer for a unique detail in the "getstart". So I
restructured that whole thing in the hope of getting a "Manual to read",
being also "for the inpatient newbie" and also as a  "Reference for all

3. Attempt
That 2. I liked better - and thought it might be useful also for the
people with an "English Tongue" - so now I translated that German one
back to English. And tried to use as much of the "English Original
speech" as possible -- that then made me adapting my German version
again - so both are now equal.

I wanted to introduce that outcome about end of this month to the
dev-team, to see especially whether the "Originators of the getstart"
still find their share in what I did, and concur to this change. I hope
nobody feels offended by my partly drastic changes to their origin. You
will see that I still list the "Originators" and just claim the
"Revision" for myself. 

Any comments, critics, suggestions, improvements, etc. are highly

joe (jomo)

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