Ok, here's a really weird one. I have noticed the effects of it for a long
time, but this afternoon was the first time I managed to isolate it to
something I can repeat and perhaps explain.

I do not have a joystick plugged in, I'm not in "mouse control" mode, just
normal mouse-runs-the-gui-mode in flightgear.

I am running Linux (fedora 15) with a number of virtual desktops.

Every time I switch away from the FlightGear desktop to a different desktop,
and then switch back, the value of /controls/flight/aileron gets -0.05 added
to it.  So I can center the controls, and then flip to a different desktop,
come back, and the value is -0.05.  If I switch away and back again, the
value bumps to -0.10.  This is very repeatable.

I have verified (by using a remote telnet connection) that the value is
changed when I switch back to the FlightGear desktop.

I am running FlightGear on desktop #4 and using the keyboard to switch
desktops.  I have a keyboard accelerator mapped to desktop switching so I
can type Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3, etc. to switch to that correspondingly
numbered desktop.

So here's what appears to be going on.  When I type <Alt-4> to return to the
FlightGear desktop, FlightGear is seeing that keystroke as well as my
desktop and interpreting it as a <numeric-keypad-4> press.  If I move my
flightgear window to desktop #6 and then type <Alt-6> to flip to that
desktop, the ailerons will move one notch to the right.  There is a pattern

FlightGear is somehow capturing a keystroke it shouldn't be catching.  When
I am on desktop #6 and looking at my flightgear window, I can press <Alt-6>
all day long and the ailerons do not respond, it's only when I'm flipping
from some other desktop back to the flightgear desktop where my <Alt-number>
hot key is accidentally caught and interpreted as a numeric keypad press.

I know this is really weird, and probably something deep in the bowels of
OSG, but does any one have any thoughts or suggestions on this?  I usually
run with 6 virtual desktops and two monitors and have different things
happening on different desktops and am frequently switching desktops and
when I run FlightGear, it is frequently catching these stray/unwanted
keystrokes and affecting my flights.

Any ideas on how to fix this???  It's really bugging me!!!!


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