I am trying to integrate a moving map display into my TSR2 project cockpit and 
decided that a stripped down version of the ZKV1000 code would be a starting 
ZK1000 derives its maps from the Atlas maps using the above perl script.
After a fight I got it to run using the command line perl buildmaps.pl 

Here are the bugs that I have encountered:-

1. At line 22 I had to change

if ($OS eq 'Windows_NT') {
$originalMapsDir =~ s:\\:/:g;
@originalTiles = glob("\"$originalMapsDir/*.$imageFormat\"");


if ($OS eq 'Windows_NT') {
$originalMapsDir =~ s:\\:/:g;
@originalTiles = <$originalMapsDir/*.$imageFormat>;

as “glob” did not work. 

2. The “mkdir” at line 34 also did nothing, so I created the new folders myself.

3. The program then ran, but the images are confused. An example is at 
http://v-twin.dynip.sapo.pt/alan/VickersAircaft/TSR2/maps/e000n51.png showing 
London and the Thames estuary. The image is split into 3 vertical bands.

4. No documentation, so reverse engineering was needed to do everything. That 
seems to be the norm on FG ;-( , so I can´t complain about that.

I am using Windows7, 64 bits, and recent versions of Active Perl and 

Finally a question, where is the origin point of each  Atlas and ZKV1000 tile 

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