On 11.10.2011 23:31, Robbo wrote:
> TaRadar* _taradar_node = (TaRadar*) globals->get_subsystem("
> taradar");
> Now then, if TaRadar::getAngle() has the following fixed code:
> return 10;
> everything works ok, but if the method returns an object variable:
> return _angle;
> I get a segmentation fault.

That means "_taradar_node" is NULL. Calling _taradar_node->getAngle() is 
illegal if _taradar_node=0. However, if the method you're calling 
doesn't access the object itself, but just returns a constant ("return 
10"), then nothing happens (lucky!). Add a check "if (_taradar_node!=0) 
..." and see why the pointer is NULL.


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