On 17 Jun 2012, at 20:14, Torsten Dreyer wrote:

> today is June, 17th and this marks our feature freeze for the sources of 
> SimGear, FlightGear and FGDATA. Within FGDATA, only aircraft not being 
> part of the base package are not part of the feature freeze. Maintainers 
> for those aircraft are kindly requested to carefully check not to update 
> _any_ file outside their individual aircraft's root directory.

Just to make people aware, I agreed to merge some enhancements to the canvas 
code during the week, but have been busy with with work / travel until just 
now. I'm going to merge them /now/  (actually, already merged locally, just 
testing before I push) since getting the API into this release is useful, and 
the changes are strictly opt-in - no chance of breakage for aircraft that don't 
use the canvas.


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